Instructions for and mail orders.


There is no shipping/handling charge for the classes. On orders through our shopping cart, the system will automatically add the above shipping charge. We will credit this amount back to your credit card and send you the receipt.
On phone, fax, or mail orders this shipping charge is not entered on the transaction.

Select "Order Form" and print out the form. Fill out all the blanks along with the quantities
of the classes you desire. Be sure to note date of first class. If using your credit card, also include the expiration date. We accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express. See "AVS" # note below.

Credit card and check orders may be mailed to us. Do not add a shipping $ amount for your class order.
 Schools which require payment by P.O., add a $25.00 charge.
(Use a merchandise order blank if you also want items from our "stores" and then add tax and shipping as listed.)


Use our SECURE on-line SHOPPING CART with a credit card.

Select your CLASS by clicking on the "ENROLL number". This posts immediately to the shopping cart page, and you continue adding other classes by using your browser "BACK" arrow. You can view your cart by clicking the "View cart" on any page. You can change the quantity or cancel the item in the cart. Allow time for the change to take place! You may then "continue shopping". YOU MAY CLEAR THE SHOPPING CART if you change your mind. When you are finished selecting the items, edit to get your desired quantities, then Proceed to check-out and fill in all appropriate information. The password entry permites faster order entry for repeat customers. If you want the Class receipt sent to a different address, fill in the "Ship To" fields also. Credit cards accepted on the cart are MasterCard, Visa & American Express. Please use fax, mail or phone for Discover card. Please call or e-mail if you are having any difficulty with our cart, phone - 626-307-7755 10:00am thru 10:00pm PST

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Credit card expiration date, billing address, phone number, and your contact e-mail address are required. PLEASE NOTE! Make sure your Billing Address is just like your statement. The "AVS" number adds security. That is the last three digits of the number on the back of your credit card. (Four on front of the Amex card, just above your name.) Your statement will show the charge on "Reign Trading".
You will receive a confirming notice of your class order. (You may also print out a copy from the browser.)

That's it and we thank you for attending classes with Reign Trading Co.


You may add to the shopping cart by "clicking" on the class's NUMBER.

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